Drop Down Fridge Slide


Product Description:

This quality Australian designed drop down fridge slide allows your fridge unit to lower to a more manageable and easy to use height.


    • Blue anodised aluminium handle
    • Lock in Lockout
    • Strap holes at the front and rear
    • Built with 227kg drawer slides
Please Note: Units are available in three models:

DS40 Tray – 715mm x 390mm (Slide Extension 812mm)
Suitable For: ARB up to 47Ltr, Bushman up to 52Ltr, Engel up to 40Ltr, Ironman yp to 45Ltr, Waeco up to 60Ltr, Evakool up to 40Ltr, Opposite Lock up to 50Ltr, Most other fridges up to 60Ltr

DS50 Tray – 810mm x 480mm (Slide Closed 880mm + 20mm Locking Leaver)
Suitable For: ARB 60Ltr & 70Ltr, Most other fridges up to 60Ltr.

DS60 Tray – 870mm x 530mm (Slide Extension 913mm)
Suitable For: Engel 60Ltr – 80Ltr, EvaKool 47Ltr – 85Ltr, Trailblaza 60Ltr ST, Waeco 80Ltr – 110Ltr, Most other fridges 60Ltr – 80Ltr

Installation Instruction on the Drop Down Fridge Slide

Dropslide Instructions

Slide models specifications and dimensions.

Drop Down Fridge Slides - Tech Data

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